Is there any real proof of life after death?

The surprising answer is Yes! A fear of dying and a massive dose of skepticism led Sandra Champlain on a fifteen-year journey of discovery for proof of life after death. Through the disciplines of science and medicine, she uncovered the clear, undeniable truth that we don't die. Rather, we live on and on.

Inside We Don't Die, you will discover:

  • Proof that you will survive physical death
  • Evidence that your deceased loved ones are still with you
  • How to get beyond the incredible pain caused by grief
  • Remote viewing -- your mind can see what your eyes cannot
  • A surprising way to get what you want in your life

Sandra Champlain is the author of How to Survive Grief and The Law of Chocolate. She owns The Kent Coffee and Chocolate Company and travels with world-class race car teams, providing hospitality in the American LeMans and Grand-Am series. A highly respected speaker, author and entrepreneur, Sandra is committed to making a difference in the lives of others.

"Life does not end when the body ceases to function. We Don't Die provides inspiration and hope that we are, in fact, eternal beings, and our journey on earth serves a purpose beyond our greatest imagination."
~ William Gladstone, author of the international bestseller, The Twelve, and co-producer of the film, Tapping the Source

"We Don't Die will allow you to truly understand creation and the nature of life. Perfection awaits us all when we leave our bodies and cross the bridge."
~ Bernie Siegel, MD, author of Faith, Hope & Healing and A Book of Miracles


Sandra Champlains Gratitude Gifts
gift box The Law of ChocolateThe Law of Chocolate (audio)
What do YOU want? A new car? More money in your bank account? The man or woman of your dreams? You can have it all...simply by eating CHOCOLATE! Before being inspired to write "We Don't Die," Sandra Champlain was a chocolatier! Listen to "The Law of Chocolate" - learn the history of chocolate and be thoroughly entertained listening! SPECIAL EXTRA BONUS! You can win a $100 gift basket of chocolate from Sandra's chocolate shop in Connecticut! (One contest entry per order. Winner will be selected at random.)

gift box Marci ShimoffHow to Survive Grief (audio)
Are you Grieving the death of a loved one? Have you lost your job, your home or a relationship? Have you been told you have an illness? YOU ARE GRIEVING and may not even know it. "How to Survive Grief" will help you to understand the grieving process, give you hope, heal the pain and keep your relationships strong.

gift box

Marci ShimoffReconnections (audio)
"Reconnections" is a progressive relaxation journey into the mind. Although it may seem impossible that we may communicate with our deceased loved ones, it is possible. What allows mediums the ability to communicate with our departed loved ones is a quiet mind, free from mind-chatter. This audio quiets your mind and allows you to reconnect with your deceased loved ones in a very safe environment in your mind's eye.


gift box Marci ShimoffWe Don't Die -
A Skeptic's Discovery of Life After Death
(audio book)

Upon release of the "We Don't Die" audio book (unabridged version) - you will be the first to receive a free copy!

gift box Marci ShimoffWe Don't Die - A Skeptic's Discovery of Life After Death (90 minute coaching call)
In this 90 minute training tele-class, receive inspiration, education and instruction from author Sandra Champlain. Learn first hand the methods you can use to create great new results in your life. This call is for the courageous and those willing to take new risks in their lives to have new experiences!

Additional Gratitude Gifts from Sandra's Partners
gift box Bob DoyleBob Doyle
Follow Your Passion - Find Your Power
Everything about life becomes easier and more enjoyable when you are living a life of passion. But many of us are disconnected from that sense of purpose that moves us through a life we truly love. Bob Doyle ("The Secret") share the "Follow Your Passion" webinar, where you'll learn specific methods for identifying and reconnecting with your sense of passion, as well as technique for eliminating negative beliefs and emotions that keep you stuck. Includes a full webinar and several hours of audio resources designed to move you into definitive action!
Value $147.00
gift box Woody WoodwardWoody Woodward
I-ology -  Discover Your Emotional Fingerprint
Success Strategist Woody Woodward is one of the most sought-after behavioral experts of our time. Having interviewed over 2,500 people around the world for his research, he is the pioneer and founder of "Your Emotional Fingerprint™." Your failures and successes are determined on how you seek to validate your Emotional Fingerprint.

Understanding this cutting edge human technology allows one to strip back the layers of excuses and build a proper foundation for mass achievement in one’s personal life, relationship and business.

Please enjoy the I-ology movie and discover your Emotional Fingerprint to gain powerful results in your personal life, relationships and business.
Value $39.97

gift box Sally AndersonSally Anderson
Freefall Webinar
Are you starting to wonder why it's still not happening? The Joy? The Success? The Peace of Mind? The Power? Where is that inspired, excited wonderment for your life and work? What if you could FREEFALL into all of it: Happiness, Success, Peace of Mind, Power, Inspiration? Sally Anderson invites you to her no-cost WEBINAR to taste The Freefall Experience.  Sally dares us all to live differently. What if you did? What if you LIVED differently? Sign up for the webinar and take the risk to share what stops you. Ask your most courageous question. Breakthroughs guaranteed!
gift box Mary Agnes AntonopoulosMary Agnes Antonopoulos
8 Week Training Course with Top Social Media Expert
A special bonus for writers, speakers and authors - and anyone with a legacy to share. Social Media is a powerful way to leave an ever green footprint and a message that lives long past our own lives and experiences. Learning how to use YouTube, Podcasting, Facebook and the other social spaces to promote our message, our mission and our work is vital to success in today's age. Mary Agnes is a wonderful teacher with a strong connection to other writers and speakers. She does monthly live Q&A webinars and all are welcome.
Value $1,000.00
gift box Mark Del Guercio, EAMark Del Guercio, EA
One Hour Business Structuring and Tax Consultation
(limited to 1st ten people who purchase 'We Don't Die')
One hour teleconference with IRS licensed tax and entity expert, Mark Del Guercio.  Get answers about LLCs, corporations; how to pay compensation, travel and auto reimbursement, and set-up tax deductible retirement and health benefit plans. Live the corporate "lifestyle" by paying for purchases with deductible, pretax dollars, instead of after tax income.  Discuss the latest changes in tax reform and how these changes will affect your bottom-line.  Learn how to reduce self employment taxes and lower or permanently eliminate taxes altogether!  This offer is best for solo-entrepreneurs and new business start-ups. This offer is limited to the first 10 people. Everyone else is welcome to enjoy the 90 minute teleconference.
Value $295.00
gift box Kelli RichardsKelli Richards
Disruptive Industry Interviews
In the spirit of celebrating her THIRD year of doing streaming podcast interviews on my All Access Radio Channel, and the launch of her first two volumes of the "Best of All Access Radio" interviews, you will receive some of the most impactful bonus segments from All Access Radio!  Each week Kelli Richards interviews leaders in the tech industry (or celebrities, or top-notch musicians, or industry leaders, top business execs, the list is endless).  Join me every Monday at 5 pm Pacific.
Value $300.00
gift box Page #1 of Google Video CourseTroy Dean
Page #1 of Google Video Course
This course will teach you exactly what you need to do to get your website onto Page #1 of Google and get lots of free traffic to your website. It includes over three hours of video training and 2 bonus SEO e-Books valued at $74.
Value $497.00
gift box Cover That Book Dunn & Associates Strategic Design and Branding for Authors and Experts
Cover That Book - Insider Secrets for Writing and Designing a Bestselling Book Cover
As an expert, author or self-publisher, your book establishes your credibility and opens unimaginable doors. Your book cover is the greatest sales tool you possess as your first and often only chance to make a sale to your target market—in bookstores and online! Your book cover says it all. Save time, money, hassles, and possibly your sanity! Listen in as four of today's leading book cover specialists (including Kathi Dunn, designer of Sandra Champlain's book cover) show you how to create a bestselling book cover that will successfully launch your entire marketing campaign. 2-hr downloadable audio.
Value $197.00
gift box 12 Insider Secrets to Appearing on T.V. and Radio ShowsStefanie Hartman
12 Insider Secrets to Appearing on T.V. and Radio Shows
How to Get Booked as a Guest on T.V. & Radio
You've written a book or you're an expert in your market and you desperately want to get the word out about your products and services. So how do you do it? You're in luck! This report will be your guide and take you through 12 INSIDER SECRETS to getting successfully booked on television talk shows and radio shows. I've researched how the best of the best were successful at getting on local and even national shows and now you can have all their secrets! They've already done it and I'll show you how!
Value $97.00
gift box Croix SatherCroix Sather
'Dream Big, Act Big' book and video by World Record Champion, Croix Sather
Grieving - 'Decades into Days' process World Record Champion Croix Sather's strategy for finding the gift in grieving so you can live your life fully. Plus a free bonus book gift.
Value $49.00
gift box Matthew PetersMatthew Peters
Use Simple Videos to Enter the Minds of Ideal Prospects, Attract & Convert Them to Clients
Never make another ineffective video again! Exclusive video training from the Video Marketing Ignition Workshop. 60 minutes of video, mp3 audio and a PDF workbook that show you how to create videos that will attract and connect with your ideal prospects in your market. Also included is Matthew's 8-Steps to Video Marketing Mastery™ formula and video & 30 Minute Conversion Secrets with Online conversion expert Keith Gilmore!
Value $97.00
gift box Elizabeth CucksonElizabeth Cuckson
FREE 30 minute Intuitive Session with Medium and Energy worker, Elizabeth Cuckson
Elizabeth Cuckson - Intuitive Expert, Producer and Host of From the Heart Radio and Award Winning Author of Speaking Your Truth Vol III is giving 5 people a FREE 30 minute Intuitive Session. This is an amazing opportunity to speak with a great Medium and Energy worker.  5 winners will be drawn from the names of all people that visit her website: and enter their name and email address by April 15th to be eligible for the drawing.
Value $150.00
gift box Ken ChristianSusan Johnstone and Ken Christian
Getting out of the Stuck Zone
Biologist and life coach Susan Johnstone joins psychologist and international best-selling author Ken Christian for a lively, content-rich step-by-step way to understanding the neurological basis for stuck-ness and how to break out from it with compassionate and effective techniques for getting unstuck. Visit to learn more about Ken Christian Ph.D.
Value $97.00
gift box Performance ThinkingJacques Dallaire, Ph.D.
Performance Thinking - Mental Skills for the Competitive World...and for Life!
Performance Thinking addresses two basic but profoundly important questions: How do I mentally sabotage my own performance? and How can I learn not to? This interactive book provides a simple but powerful framework of mental Rules that you can use to understand clearly how the way that you think - directly and indirectly - influences how you perform. Dr. Dallaire is an internationally recognized performance specialist with more than 40 years of experience working with thousands of high performance people.
gift box Dr. Diana KirschnerDr. Diana Kirschner
Harness the Power of Positive Self-Affirmations
Harness the Power of Positive Self-Affirmations by Dr.  Diana Kirschner.  Dr. Diana was a frequent guest on The Today Show and starred in a  PBS TV Special on love. She is the best-selling author of Love in 90 Days and—just out now on Kindle— Find Your Soulmate Online in Six Simple Steps.  Dr. Diana has helped thousands all over the world find & keep a passionate lasting Soulmate relationship!  Her free Dating Tips & Relationship Advice newsletter is available at
Value $3.95
gift box

Steve LilloSteve Lillo
Marci Shimoff interviews internet expert Steve Lillo
New York Times Best Selling Author, Marci Shimoff, interviews PlanetLink's resident internet expert Steve Lillo. Listen in as Steve shares some key ideas that you can use to make your website work for you.
Value $29.95

Make Your Website Work
Not another "How-To" book, Make Your Website Work is a "Why-To" book that teaches you what to think about so that your website can be as effective as possible in supporting you in your business.
Value $19.95

gift box Jill LublinJill Lublin
Jill's Insider's Edge to Powerful Publicity Workbook
This workbook has been creatively designed for you to take an active part in creating a new and exciting public relations program. It will guide you through a step by step development of your bio, message/sound byte, and an effective press release, as well as many other tools in the creation of a powerful public relations campaign.
Value $29.95
gift box Susie BeilerSusie Beiler
Protect your Greatest Assest
Your health is your greatest asset in life, whether you are an entrepreneur or a race car driver. You need extreme focus to achieve what you want in life. These 3 educational videos will teach you key nutritional concepts and kitchen shortcuts so that you can have the energy and focus you need to recover and maintain your health.
Value $99.00
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Tamara GerlachTamara Gerlach
Radiant Body Stretch and Radiant Mind Meditation
The Radiant Body video guides you through a series of easy, fun-to-do stretches that flow together to light up your entire body...and can be done in just a few minutes a day!
The Radiant Mind audio offers you 15 minutes of serenity. The accompanying guide offers more techniques, mindful movement, mindful eating, and ways to cultivate compassion.
Value $60.00

gift box

Laura AtchisonLaura Atchison
What Would a Wise Woman Do?
Every day we make choices.  Some big, some small.  Those choices are the pebbles and stones that form the path of our lives.  Laura Atchison's What Would a Wise Woman Do shows you how to ask the right questions at every turn to create the path of your dreams. Here are your free chapters and The Art of Questioning Video Series (coming soon!).
Value $100.00

gift box Amy Robbins-WilsonAmy Robbins-Wilson
Free Healing Music
Amy Robbins-Wilson is a healing music artist meaning that her intention is to open divine or transformational space for her listeners through music.  Her quiet, crystalline voice as been described as "angelic" and "soul whispering".  Download the music, find a comfortable place and have a listen.  More of her music is available from leading etailers including iTunes and Amazon.
Value $1.98
gift box How To NEVER Be Financial Bamboozled Again!Janet Tyler Johnson
How To NEVER Be Financial Bamboozled Again!
This eBook contains everything you need to know to be sure you are never taken advantage of financially, whether it is by the Bernie Madoffs of the world or any other so-called financial expert. And you will not want to miss the free bonuses you will find inside.
Value $399.00 if you take advantage of the free bonuses in the ebook
gift box This Game called LifeDiana Dentinger
This Game called Life
Living your life to the fullest is the biggest gift you can offer your loved ones. Learn how in this 45 min. Personalized Complementary Consultation with Diana Dentinger. She will coach through your Reality Game.  Access your inner resources to continue to play in this Game called Life!
gift box Profiting From U.S. Govenment Public DomainDaniel Hall
Profiting From U.S. Govenment Public Domain
Daniel Hall is a bestselling author, speaker, publisher, nurse, attorney and sometimes blogger. He is also the creator of the highly popular "Real Fast" brand of training products.
A favorite profit making strategy is to publish public domain content produced by the U.S. Government and with this bonus YOU CAN DO THIS TOO in a special, step-by-step video course called "Finding Your Public Domain Fortune Buried Deep in the Archives of the U.S. Government Printing Office"
Value $67.00
gift box I'm Sorry For Your LossWouter Looten
I'm Sorry For Your Loss
Very often you hear people say, "But I just don't know what to say or what to do" when they want to help someone who has lost a loved one. In this eBook we bust the most common myths and we describe six guidelines to effectively and practically help your friend in need after a substantial loss.
Value $3.49
gift box Living YOUR Great LifeStephen Hobbs, EdD
Living YOUR Great Life
Read, scan, draw and intuit from 143 insights about living your great life. Gathered from Dr. Stephen Hobbs' collection of thoughts, feelings and actions for co-creating the well-living world, creating the well-living workplace and living your awesomeness.
Value $19.97
gift box July 2012 International BestsellerMichael Harris
Chapter One of this July 2012 International Bestseller
This book is really about you and the courage to overcome the obstacles that are present in your life. The author, Michael Harris shares his personal and revealing story of just how he overcame a critical water skiing accident, addictions and vascular disease. Once you begin reading this compelling true story you will realize that anything is possible and that no matter how far down you have fallen there is always a way to get back up.
gift box

Change Your Energies, Change Your LifeJoey Korn
Change Your Energies, Change Your Life (two audios & sample chapter from new book)
Many people ask Master Dowser Joey Korn, “What is it that you do? What is dowsing? What does finding a place to drill a water well have to do with being spiritual?” For Joey, dowsing, or “divining”, is not just about finding a place to drill a well or about finding anything in the physical world. It’s about detecting energy. It’s about tapping into our own God-given ability to explore the world of subtle energies that are everywhere within and around us. It’s about drawing ever closer to the Divine in our lives and taking control of our lives.

Listen to Joey as he explains the art of changing the energies in your life to forces for good with what he calls his "Simple Blessing Process." Learn how to change the energies within and around you to help attract what you attract what you most desire in life.

You'll also receive a sample chapter from Joey's new revised book, Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment, about "Blessing Electrical Fields to Help You in Life."
Value $19.97

gift box Monetize Your PassionRich German
Monetize Your Passion
In Monetize Your Passion, Rich German shows you how to turn your greatest passion into a business that will fund the lifestyle of your dreams.
Value $20.00
gift box How To Book Yourself on ABC NBC CBS FOX & CW News & Talk Shows For FreeClint Arthur
How To Book Yourself on ABC NBC CBS FOX & CW News & Talk Shows For Free
3 Free Training Videos will Teach You: The 7 Secrets of Celebrit, The Mathematical Formula for How To Get On TV for Free, How to Position Yourself as an Expert using the Most Powerful Method on the Planet, How to Promote Your Passion Projects on TV for Free, How to Amplify your Social Media Marketing with Mass Media. This 100% Free Training has the power to change your life forever and transform you into a Magic Messenger.
Value $197.00
gift box Book on OxytocinK Paul Stoller, MD, FACHM
Book on Oxytocin
Oxytocin: the hormone of hope and healing... is a book that describes the benign little hormone that can bring emotional equanimity to someone in acute traumatic grief and is so powerful it can treat Schizophrenia. This is a must read for just about everyone written by the Chief of Hyperbaric Medicine at the Amen Clinics.
Value $3.99
gift box Book on OxytocinAudrey Sussman, PhD
Breathing for Calm Exercise Video
What you will find in the “Breathing For Calm” video
1. A step-by-step “ template for the “Breathing for calm” exercise.
2. A review on how to use the “Stress Rating Gauge.”
3. Why it’s essential to use this exercise before and after any stress reduction exercise.
4. Follow along with the video and practice the exercise for 2 weeks.
5. Most people find that this simple exercise starts helps to develop a calming response to stressful situations.
6. This is the exercise for the “physical” part of the stress cycle.
7. There is a added piece at the end of the video where we do a simple self-hypnotic technique using color to add an extra benefit to the breathing exercise.
8. Remember: There are 3 parts in creating (or reducing) stress. Techniques are needed for all 3 parts to make permanent change. When we combine the physical exercises with cognitive (thinking) and emotional (release) techniques, reactions to stressors change.
gift box Dr. Karen ShermanDr. Karen Sherman
Psychologist Reveals How to Transform Your Life – MP3 Audio Download
Dr. Karen Sherman, Founder of Your Empowered Relationship, offers an MP3 audio in which she explains why you keep repeating behaviors you promise you'll stop only to find yourself repeating, have reactions you don't mean to and ... how to stop them! This informative and empowering speech allows you to transform yourself and change how you deal with your relationships.
Value $97.00
gift box Dr. Manon Bolliger, NDDr. Manon Bolliger, ND
Discover 3 Common Misconceptions that Keep You struggling with Aches and Pains and the #1 Secret to Abundant Health Now!
This 4 part video series explains why "Symptom Free" is NOT synonymous with health, why drugs will NEVER bring about health and the importance of LISTENING to your symptoms. Our Health is in our hands and challenging our misconceptions is the first step.
gift box Beans of WisdomJoe Swinger
Beans of Wisdom: 7 Gifts for Great Leadership in Business and Life
BEANS OF WISDOM is a homeless man’s account of a life- changing journey to acquire the 7 secrets of leadership and life. This fascinating parable is of a man named Joe who finds himself in a charitable food line on Christmas Eve after losing everything – his family, home, business and himself. The disheveled businessman meets a mysterious man named Kris who takes him on an incredible journey of discovery and redemption. Follow Joe on his adventure as he accepts an invitation to visit Wisdom Lane and discovers that the 7 greatest secrets of success are available to each of us from the moment we are born. Please visit
Value $7.99
gift box eBusiness Checklist & ReportSharon Evans
eBusiness Checklist & Report
Sharon C. Evans is a Business Growth Strategist to coaches her clients to take their business and expertise online to increase their bottom line. She creates business road maps and blueprints for those clients, and advises them in ways they can avoid the headaches many people experience when first going online. Her 'eBusiness Checklist & Report' gives you some tips, tricks and strategies you can use to avoid the landmines and pitfalls, and some food for thought even for those who have been online for awhile to secure their valuable assets.
Value $97.00
gift box

Sabrina TeekahSabrina Teekah
Biz Growth 2013 (workbook and teleclass)
Sabrina Teekah is a successful entrepreneur, public speaker, and teacher who has been in the entrepreneurial world for over 16 years. Her mission is to empower Entrepreneurs take control of their own destiny. Sabrina's helps her clients design and create step by step Business building blocks that will catapult them on their path to creating their Dream Lifestyle.

The workbook contains: 9 Critical Building Blocks to a Creating a Better Business Model, Framework for a basic starter Signature Talk, 100 Things Floating Around in My Head,  Demand More of Yourself, Big Needle Movers,  Goal Framework and more! Workbook to be used along with the teleclass.

The Free Teleclass is offered April 12, 2013, further explains the 9 building blocks of the Business Model and how to use the worksheets for consistent growth in 2013.
Value $97.00

gift box

Kellan Fluckiger Kellan Fluckiger
Master Your Monsters Audio Course
This amazing groundbreaking course will help you identify and eliminate the habits that are keeping you from enjoying your life to the fullest.

You know them well the:

  • I have no time monster,
  • the fear monster,
  • the procrastination monster,
    and on and on.

In his masterful style Master Coach Kellan Fluckiger will help you eliminate these habits from your life for good!!
Value $197.00

gift box Ina Ruth AmesIna Ruth Ames
Creating the Life You Want -
Understanding and Using Relaxation, Meditation and Guided Meditations

In this interactive guide you will learn the difference between the power of relaxation, meditation and guided meditation. Each method helps you create what you want for yourself and your life by understanding, practicing and experiencing these exercises.  

This guide provides you with both the information and practical experience to begin to master relaxation and meditation at a higher level than you may be currently using. Each type of exercise can create different results in your life.   Mastering these three distinctions will give you a fuller understanding of what they are and how to use them to create.  Links to relaxation, meditation and guided meditation exercises help you distinguish between the types of exercises and allow you to further your journey towards personal transformation.
Value $47.00

gift box Dina ProctorDina Proctor
3-Minute Meditation
The idea behind 3x3 Meditation is that you can have effective results for yourself and your life in short bursts of meditation throughout the day. People around the world are coming to experience the power that a highly focused 3-minute, 3-times a day practice can have.

3x3 Meditation - Present in the Moment is designed to allow the listener to let go of thought and feel the power of true presence. Breaking up the daily routine with consistent focus toward touching that place of highest strength and wisdom, even just for a few minutes, can have lasting positive results.
Value $4.97

gift box Old Grumpy Radio Network
Free Radio Advertising Pkg
Free 30-day trial radio advertising package.  Advertise to millions of listeners daily USA, Canada, Worldwide.  Diverse audience perfect for many marketing campaigns.  Receive the Basic Business Pkg which includes 4 30 seconds commercials aired daily for 30 days for Free, No Hidden Fees, No Setup Charges.
Value $39.99
gift box Inger PolsInger Pols, Editor New England Health Advisory
What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You
This bestselling e-book reveals the secrets your doctor would share with you had he/she studied nutrition and dietary theory, fitness and stress management.

The truth is, those subjects aren't taught in medical school. With the wisdom in this book, however, you will be empowered to partner with your health care provider in order to ensure you have all the information you need to make the best wellness choices for you and your family.

Effortless Lasting Change
Are you one of the 98% who has tried to lose weight or make a lasting change in your life, only to end up back where you started again? You are not alone, and it's not your fault! It's not about willpower; your brain is actually wired to return you to your old routine to try to protect you. To be successful in making lasting change, you need to outsmart your brain with the 5 Secrets of Lasting Change. By following the simple proven Effortless Change Process in this free video, you can finally create the life you of your dreams!

gift box Rev. Anne PresuelRev. Anne Presuel
Divine Client Attraction, 3 Steps to Creating Your Perfect, Ideal Clients in Abundance!
Creating an abundance of your ideal clients is easy!  (if you know how)  You'll discover the 3 essential steps you must take, the biggest mistake spiritual entrepreneurs make getting clients, and how you can start creating an abundance of your perfect clients today!
Value $97.00
gift box Dina BlasDina Blas
Life Awakening Strategy Session
The Life Awakening Strategy Session is an in-depth, guided exploration of all the key areas of your life. Here you will learn how to gain immediate clarity around the issues that frustrate you, remove the blocks you've created, and create action steps to move forward and create the life you’ve always wanted.
Instruction: Everyone who signs up for my FREE PDF "Ten Simple Tips to Boost Your Confidence Now" (listed beside the video on my website) on April 3rd will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE Life Awakening Strategy Session.
Value $197.00
gift box Jill WeadickJill Weadick
Self-Doubt Be Gone: Tame the Inner Critic for Massive Personal Power
Learn how to tame your inner critic, banish self-doubt, and live the life of your dreams with this 49 minute video training. In this video, you'll learn what the causes you to feel unworthy. You'll learn how to prevent the self-bashing mind talk inside your head. You'll learn how to move through self-doubt into self-confidence and self-love. You'll discover how to enhance your inner guide, which leads you to great internal joy. You'll find out how to magnify your level of confidence so you can reach your dream life, and you'll discover how to boost your spirit.
Value $47.00
gift box Jill WeadickSean Smith
"The Single Most Powerful Parenting Concept for Increasing the Self-Esteem & Confidence in Your Kids" (video)
The most important thing you can do as a parent is help your children avoid the limiting beliefs that lead to nearly all emotional and behavioral problems later in life. In this video, Sean teaches
  • how all beliefs are formed
  • how limiting beliefs lead to all of coping behaviors (drugs, alcohol, perfectionism...)
  • the 5 things kids consistently NEED from their parents
  • the 4-word phrase that raises self esteem
    and much more
PLUS, you'll also get free access to 2 deeper trainings - an audio program called "The 5 Most Common Ways Well Meaning Parents Unintentionally Destroy Self Esteem & Confidence", and an ebook called "Finally Free", how to identify and eliminate your own limiting beliefs.
gift box Money Smarts for Turbulent TimesJudith Briles
Money Smarts for Turbulent Times
Are the Money Gremlins at your door? Would you like to get clarity on money strategies that make common sense? Money Smarts delivers a practical guidebook that will equip you with an action plan that will change and grow with your new, empowered life.
Value $25.00
gift box Stop Procrastinating Today!Hugh Culver
Stop Procrastinating Today!
Tip the scales on stalling and break through with new attitude, better strategies and habits that get things done. Discover how you can turn your procrastination into performance faster than you think.
If you ever put off important work then this is a fabulous resource that you will not want to put off reading. Hugh Culver
explains why you procrastinate and (more importantly) what you can do to stop it.
Value $8.95
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